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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 22, 2005- On November 11, 2005, approximately 60 students from three Montreal area schools (Sacred Heart School, Collège Jean-Eudes and Laurier Macdonald High School) took part in the Montreal Remembrance Day Parade and the Montreal Black Watch activities organized in part this year by Major Christopher Phare. The day started with a mini-tour of the Black Watch Museum followed by a demonstration of a small arms simulator finishing off with the grand finale: the march down the streets of Montreal with the Montreal Black Watch. The students were amazed, thrilled and truly appreciative of the day’s events. A few of the students from Laurier Macdonald High School made a small presentation to the Veterans after the march but unfortunately due to time constraints, were unable to present it in its entirety. The following is the part of the Laurier MacDonald’s presentation that was missed: a letter to the Veterans by Grade 11 student, Kevin Imparato and a poem by students Cristina Campoli, Joey Romano and Cassandra Lamorgese.

NDPAO-QR will continue to assist and support efforts like these to reach out to Québec youths in the endeavour to increase awareness and understanding of National Defence and defence issues.

Susan Christopher
Communication Officer
NDPAO-QR - (National Defence Public Affairs Office - Québec Region)
(514) 283-3820

A Message from the heart of a Student to our War Veterans

November 11, 2005

Dear Sir/Madam:

In 1939, there was a great war which could have changed the world as we know it today. It didn’t however because there were allied forces fighting for freedom and they saved the world. The war was one of the most brutal wars of the century. There were many unfortunate losses, but no losses ever go unrecorded. If there were to be no losses there would be no fight for freedom and without this fight the world would be corrupt. World War II was one of the worst wars ever. In my opinion, Remembrance Day is a time when we reflect upon the brutal killings that occurred in Europe. We take time to commemorate those who have put their lives on the line to make this world free.

I realize all the sacrifices you have made. You have told us stories which we cherish. You have been more than help to us and have done a lot to help shape this society. You are like an important string in the fabric. If you did not exist at the time, the world would have fallen apart. Your sacrifices are also tied in with a sense of contribution; - you have sacrificed your time not only to be with us but to tell us your stories. We will always remember what you have done for us. You have gone through tough times so that we didn’t have to. Your lives have been put at risk for our freedom, which is something that we take for granted, yet it wouldn’t be taken for granted if we were not free. You have lost friends, relatives and have been wounded for us.

And so, for all of the contributions and sacrifices made, in honour of you, I will remember you and will try my best to tell every story I have heard. I will listen to every word you have to say because each word said is as important as the last. I will look at a poppy and think about your contributions and sacrifices. I will make sure that you are not just a memory but a symbol of what the world is today. I will mention how important you are to us all and what you have done. I will try to include you in some of my prayers and thoughts.

For all of this I want to say that today it’s all about you. I wish you and your family much happiness, health and prosperity.

Yours respectfully,

Kevin Imparato
Grade 11 student
Laurier Macdonald High School
Saint-Leonard, Québec

Remembrance Day

A poem by Cristina Campoli
Joey Romano
Cassandra Lamorgese

On Remembrance Day,
We remember the soldiers who fought their way
Through living hell, each and everyday.
War was a constant threat
In which the soldiers fought without regret.
What they have done for our nation
Was and always will be an absolute fascination.

We truly admire their bravery
They risked being captured and forced into slavery
They spent many moments on a cause,
As days rushed by with no time to pause
The reality of battle flashed in their minds
Boys became men, maturity was a given sign.

In our hearts they will be known as heroes,
And for all the soldiers who represented Canada,
You will never be known as zeros.
Their courage will never be forgotten
Their everlasting perseverance kept their hopes high
Now we wonder if their souls are watching us, from the sky.

These true warriors had no time to relax
It was like fighting had a cost plus tax
We wished that all the soldiers who fought would have survived,
But sadly, their time of death had arrived
Hopefully, there won’t be another world war.
It has to stop, this can’t happen anymore.

We stand today,
On Remembrance Day
To remind you all,
How they stood tall
Through love and fear
Without shedding a tear

November 11 has been set aside
As a special day of pride,
A day that’s distinct and apart from any other
We share the pain like sisters and brothers.

Now, let’s share one last moment of silence
For all the soldiers who fought with patriotism and regrettable violence.

Michael J. Cohen
Communications and Marketing Specialist
English Montreal School Board
Tel: (514) 483-7200 ext. 7243
Fax: (514) 483-7213