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MONTREAL, DECEMBER 17, 2005- Author Sheldon Goldfarb will return to his former elementary school, Carlyle (109 Carlyle) in Town of Mount Royal on Wed. Dec. 21 (9:30 a.m.) to talk to students about his career.

Goldfarb, who now lives in British Columbia, recently completed a new book called Remember Remember. Set in Victorian England, it is the story of a 14-year-old schoolboy who gets swept out of his peaceful existence at a British boarding school and finds himself forced to solve first a case of blackmail and then a murder.

"Itís a fun story, mostly," says Goldfarb, "but I hope with a little bit of substance. I mean, it's a murder mystery first of all, but itís also about growing up and learning to cope with the adult world."

Goldfarb grew up in the Town of Mount Royal, attending Algonquin and Carlyle elementary schools and the old Mount Royal High School, where he graduated in 1970. He later did a BA at McGill. He now lives in Vancouver. The book is aimed both at a young adult and an older audience. "My favorite reaction," says Goldfarb "was from my 10-year-old cousin, who told me that Aleister was "so cool". Who would have thought that something of mine could be cool? On the other hand, adult readers have enjoyed it too. One of them told me she found my style impressive and my plot captivating."

Goldfarb, who has a PhD in English from the University of British Columbia and specialized in Victorian literature, says a lot of research went into the book. "But I hope it doesn't show," he adds. "I didnít want to produce one of those books where the story stops so the author can show off what they learned in the library, but I do hope readers feel transported to Manchester in 1872."

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