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MONTREAL, JANUARY 10, 2006— Honoré-Mercier Elementary School (8280 Nantes) in St. Léonard is starting off 2006 with the inauguration of its recently renovated library on Friday, January 13 (9 a.m.). In addition, the school is pursuing the possibility of introducing an elementary level Sports Athlete Program.

Library Inauguration.

After many hours of incredible work by parent volunteers, the library has been transformed into a nautical haven. "Hats off to our dedicated and determined parents who had a dream and made it come true!," says Principal Connie Primiano.

The whole library was painted. Items were collected from various cruiselines and put up on the walls. Many different murals were painted, depicting different ocean scenes such giant mermaid with a 3 -D pearl necklace, an aquarium with fish and a real aquarium and a giant pirate. Parents even moved around the shelves and re-arranged the carpeted reading corner. "They hung a large net filled with books and they were able to obtain several different clocks with the times of different countries," says Ms. Primiano.

Sports Athlete Program

The EMSB Long Range Planning Committee has just approved the exploration of a possible Sports Athlete Program. The three sports identified thus far are soccer, hockey and figure skating. A parent-school committee is being established to delve further into the implementation of such a program. In order for a Sports Athlete Program to be feasible, the school has to know if there is a need for this program to exist in community. On Wednesday, January 25th (7 p.m) an information session will be held in the school gymnasium for all parents who are interested.

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