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MONTREAL, JANUARY 30, 2006- The Chinese New Year will be celebrated at the English Montreal School Board.

Carlyle Elementary School (109 Carlyle) in T.M.R. will host a performance by the First Montreal Center of Chinese Culture & Arts on Wed. Feb. 1 (10 a.m.). Founded in 1996, the Centre has staged hundreds of impressive performances for Chinese Canadian and American audiences in the U.S. and in Eastern Canada. There will be a few musicians who will perform a number of traditional pieces followed by the principal of the Chinese School who will teach a few Chinese dances to the children. "We will also have a mini performance by the students, who will re-enact the Chinese new year celebration as if we were right at home," says Spiritual Community Animator Puynung Choy.

On Friday, Feb. 3 (Noon) Bancroft Elementary School (4563 St. Urbain Street) on the Plateau will host its annual Chinese New Year luncheon/celebration featuring a dance show in the gymnasium.

Also On Friday, Feb. 3(10 a.m.) Sinclair Laird Elementary School (8380 Wiseman) in Park Extension will host the Montreal Chinese Opera. Some of the members were professional opera singers and actresses in Hunan, China. They are well known in performing Chinese traditional folk style opera. Some will be playing traditional Chinese instruments that were typical and once banned in China. There will be a myriad of colors from their bright dresses, multi-colored costumes and make-up which is particular to Chinese Opera. Also, one of the performances is a piece song from the 2004 Olympics. This same group will be at Nesbitt Elementary School (6108 8th Avenue) in Rosemount on Monday, Feb. 6 (8:30 a.m.), at Carlyle on Wed. Feb 8 (1:30 p.m.) and Dunrae Gardens (235 Dunrae) in T.M.R. on Tuesday, Feb. 14 (1:30 p.m.).

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