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MONTREAL, MARCH 1, 2006— The John F. Kennedy Business Centre in St. Michel has introduced a new hotel reception program which will prepare students to operate hotel computer systems, efficiently handle reservations, perform daily tasks,sell hotel products and services and communicate effectively in both languages (English and French).

At the recent official opening pictured here, Centre Director Keith Imhoff (the “i” in iWorld) and project coordinators Robert Valentino and Silvana Crigna unveiled there association with Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts (Children's Sol Melia, is the largest resort hotel chain in the world. It will be sending trainers from around the globe to Montreal to work with JFK Business Centre students. “Sol Melia began with one hotel in 1956,” said Ms. Crigma. “Fifty years later, so are we at the JFK Business Centre.”

i World’s virtual 200 room hotel will offer guests both suites and deluxe rooms with the choice of a garden view or a panoramic view of Montreal. Guests will be met at the front desk by students who are not only learning the technical skills needed by industry partners but even more importantly how to successfully present themselves to VIP guests. “As we all know, a client’s first contact is what sets the stage for how a guest feels,” says Mr. Imhoff.

“When we agreed to accept the Ministry of Education’s offer of the hotel reception program, we knew it would not be enough to simply give students the knowledge they needed to work for a hotel as the hotel’s front desk clerk,” Mr. Imhoff continued. “We needed to replicate an environment that would provide the students with the feeling they were already working for a hotel. We opened the JFK Business Centre i World Hotel. When you step through our doors you could be walking into any of the world’s best upscale hotel lobbies. “

The i World Hotel has created an oasis for guests that will allow them to escape their hectic lives while giving our students the opportunity to truly learn how to be the best that they can be. Guests will be able to sit and relax and listen to soft music and admire the amazing art work of Joseph Radnai (L’arche fleuri), Philippe Richard (Montreal après la Pluie) and finally Monique Bedard (Introduction du 1er movement) loaned to the school by “la Galerie Klimantiris.” The attendance at the opening Mr. Didier Robette, vice president of Business Market Tourism for Montreal, will ensure that the fusion between education and the business milieu is strong and constant. Gina Mallamo, who is responsible for promotion and groups for Sol Melia in Montreal, was also on hand. “We believe in providing training based not only on up-to-date theories, but on common practicalities that prepare individuals to enter a job market with an advantage – the advantage of hands-on experience so we can continue to make a commitment to our thriving tourism industry,” said Mr. Imhoff.

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