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MONTREAL, JANUARY 19,  2016  – Under the watchful eye of Spiritual and Community Animator Mary Poullas, Grade 1 students at Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent came together to learn the valuable lesson behind the fabled soup.

As the fable goes, travellers came upon a village with an empty cooking pot. Unfortunately, none of the villagers were willing to share any of their food, so the travelers filled their pot with water and a large stone. Very quickly, the villagers grew curious about what was being cooked, and the travelers responded by saying it was stone soup, which is delicious, but is still missing some ingredients. Each passing villager was told the same story and each offered an ingredient to finish the soup. Finally, after enough villagers parted with enough ingredients, the delicious soup was ready to eat and be shared amongst everybody.

As the students at Parkdale listened to the old fable, they participated by channeling their inner villager: chopping, slicing and dicing vegetables into a large pot, thereby making their own stone soup.

“The students loved the activity as they quickly learned that by working together, with everyone contributing what they can and with everyone helping each other, a greater good is achieved,” said Ms. Poullas. “We can all make a difference.”

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