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MONTREAL, MARCH 16, 2016  – Bicycling fever is taking over Royal Vale School (5851 Somerled) in N.D.G. as a Grade 6 teacher Gonzague Le Roux de Bretagne is set to ride his bicycle from Bogota, Columbia to northern Chile, a journey of more than 6,000 kilometers.

Before Gonzague heads south, students from Grades 4 to 7 will hear about his incredible adventure on March 21 (8:50 am).

Joining him on stage will be representatives from Cyclo Nord-Sud, a Montreal-based organization that repurposes bicycles from North America and donates them to communities in South America and Africa. Gonzague is also using his adventure to raise awareness and funds for Cyclo Nord-Sud.

Throughout the trek, Gonzague will be communicating with his students through social media. His students will be able to follow his progress real-time via GPS. Through his blog, Facebook page and Twitter account, they will be able to correspond with him as well as learn about local culture and history. Students are also expected to Skype with Gonzague in mid-May. 

The journey, which will take a total of four months and pass through Columbia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, was one that Gonzague has thought about for some time. An avid bicycler and traveler, the journey has long been a personal goal of his, one that he believes will put him to the ultimate physical and mental test.

As a result of Gonzague’s ride, Royal Vale School will be holding a Bike For Fun Day on June 22. Students and families will be encouraged to ride their bicycles to school as well as the event will also serve as an opportunity to collect bicycles for Cyclo Nord-Sud.

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