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MONTREAL, APRIL 21, 2016  – Students at Merton Elementary School in Cote Saint Luc recently danced the day away, grooving and learning about Indigenous peoples and Quebec history through art. 

Folkdance instructor Louise Standjofski, from Faites des Arts, was invited by Spiritual and Community Animator Linda Luca to teach students about Quebec’s original inhabitants and their rich history.

The presentation included the important contributions made by the French and English communities that helped transform Quebec into the unique province that it is today. Furthermore, the presentation also focused on the importance of understanding and respecting the traditions of Canada’s indigenous people. 

“Teaching students about history through dance allows them to learn in a nonconventional way; it lifts their spirit, allowing them to use their imagination,” said Luca. “It left the students curious and wanting to learn more.” 


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