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MONTREAL, APRIL 25, 2016-  Inspired by an assembly earlier in the year, students at Westmount Park Elementary School prepared welcome cards filled with messages of friendship and hope for Canada’s newest residents.

Two student representatives will present these cards to child refugees on Saturday, April 30 (9:00 am) at Vanier College (821 Sainte-Croix, room D509) in St. Laurent.

Following the incredible response by students to her presentation, Spiritual and Community Animator Gladys Batten-Baldwin reached out to Hay Doun, a local organization that recently supported the arrival of 1,500 refugees. Representatives from Hay Doun welcomed the gesture, and as such, these cards will be presented to child refugees during their Saturday-morning French tutoring program.

“At one of our assemblies this year we emphasized the peace and prosperity that we experience in Canada and helped our children identify with children who come from conflict situations,” said Batten-Baldwin. “The children responded by making beautiful welcome cards expressing messages of friendship and hope for the refugee children coming to Canada. The staff of Hay Doun and were deeply touched by our students’ sentiments. It is an incredible gesture.”


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