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MONTREAL, APRIL 27, 2016  – With the priority of meeting the Ministry of Education's (MESA) Goal #5, which is to increase the number of students under the age of 20 enrolled in vocational training, the Shadd Health and Business Centre in N.D.G. opened up its doors to regional directors, administrators, teachers and professionals from the English Montreal School Board Youth and Adult Sectors to explore a new approach on discovering vocational training.

From the school’s business courses that delve into Secretarial Studies (Administrative Assistant), Desktop Publishing (Computer Graphics), Accounting AND Starting a Business to their health sector, offering Assistance in Health Care Facilities and Pharmacy Technical Assistance, students have the opportunity to learn unique skills to bolster their employability.

“We wanted to invite our colleagues from around the EMSB to experience first-hand what we have to offer at Shadd,” said Joe Cacchione, Principal of Shadd Health and Business Centre. “Should they have any students interested in the fields taught at Shadd, we want them to know that the EMSB has a state-of-the-art institution where they can send their students.”

The learning opportunity resonated with all those in attendance:

“Being able to not only learn about the programs, but physically participate in the activities, I realized that this is a great opportunity for our students,” said Sheila Macleod, Personal Orientation Project teacher at Royal West Academy. “I cannot wait to bring these activities back to Royal West Academy."

“I look forward to scheduling these hands-on activities for our students next year,” said Mauro Zampini, Vice-Principal of Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North.

“This is a great initiative and I look forward to future collaboration between the Youth and Adult Education and Vocational Sectors (AEVS),” added Cosmo Della Rocca, Director of AEVS.

For Cacchione, the morning was merely a glimpse of what opportunities are available to prospective students at his school.

“You can watch the train pass by or be part of the journey,” he added. “Hands-on pedagogical activities are extremely efficient. They allow you to realise and enjoy the learning in vocational training.”

Should your school or centre be interested in the programs offered at Shadd Health and Business Centre, please contact Joe Cacchione to arrange for the program teachers to offer a demonstration at your school.

You can also visit or call: 514-484-0485.

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