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MONTREAL, MAY 9, 2016  – Students enrolled in the Work Oriented Training Pathway at John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel not only learn employability skills, but the importance of community service.

Recently, students took part in a volunteering effort at St. Michael’s Mission, a non-profit organization that serves the homeless downtown.

Organized by Spiritual and Community Animator Aaron Durocher and teacher Anthony Tonin, the students folded donated clothes, served food and prepared food baskets for people in need. Their efforts not only benefited the homeless, but the students themselves.

“Students realized the personal satisfaction they gained as well as developing compassion for the situation of others,” said Durocher. “This is the Golden Rule in action: we treat others as we wish to be treated. Developing the inner life and virtue of students is one of the goals of the Spiritual and Community Animation Service.”

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