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MONTREAL, MAY 30, 2016 -   Since September 1, 2006, all schoolyards in the province of Quebec have become smoke-free environments, making  it   strictly forbidden during school hours to smoke or to provide tobacco to students while on the premises of a primary  or  high school.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year, this smoking ban will be extended to any period of time and will also target post-secondary schools.  By putting into force a revised no smoking policy, the  English Montreal School Board intends to provide a smoke-free environment in all of its schools, Adult Education and Vocational Centres and to further restrict tobacco in the Administration Building at 6000 Fielding Road in NDG. Last November the Quebec government adopted Bill 44, aimed at bolstering tobacco control. It   prohibits smoking within a nine-metre radius from any door leading to enclosed spaces that are open to the public.

This policy will apply to all students, parents, visitors of any EMSB establishments; every person working for the EMSB, as well as any elected representative, volunteer and person responsible for supervising or monitoring the activities of the EMSB; and any activity organized by the EMSB or its departments, representatives, schools or centres, on EMSB premises.

All Canadian and Quebec laws, EMSB governance policies and bylaws and collective agreements will be applied, more particularly but not limited to: The Tobacco control Act ; the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms; the Civil Code of Quebec; and An Act Respecting Occupational Health and  Safety.

The main objective of this policy will be to provide a smoke-free environment for students, employees and all users of any EMSB facilities, establish the respective responsibilities of every person involved in the application of this policy and serve as a deterrent measure, to make known the consequences that may be associated with the disrespect of the present policy.

In the present policy, the term “tobacco” includes any product containing tobacco, electronic cigarettes and any other devices of that nature that are put to one's mouth to inhale any substance that may or may not contain nicotine, including their components and accessories, and any other product or class of product considered to be tobacco under a government regulation. The EMSB may take disciplinary measures and/or other measures against any employee and/or individual who does not respect the terms and prescriptions of the present policy.

EMSB  Director of Material Resources Daniel Hogue is responsible for the application of this policy, which will replace any other no smoking policy previously adopted by the EMSB. It will be reviewed on an “as need” basis.

At all times, the principal shall prohibit smoking in the school or centre as well as on the grounds placed at their disposals. On an ongoing basis, the principal will   ensure that all building users are made aware that the school or centre and grounds placed at their disposals have been designated as “smoke-free.”  Any person(s) renting a school or a centre will also be made aware of the policy.

Before being formally adopted by the Council of Commissioners, this policy will first be sent out for consultation by all unions, associations and the Central Parents Committee

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Communications and Marketing Specialist
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