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MONTREAL, MAY 26, 2016 -  Special needs students at John Grant High School in Côte-Saint-Luc were mentored by recording artist and producer David Hodges. The result is a remarkable original song and video that gives us a look into their souls.

John Grant High School teacher Marie Francis  recently invited Mr. Hodges to the school. Over these two days, Hodges guided several of the students in producing an original song titled Breakthrough. These novice recording artists have special needs such as selective mutism, speech impediments, and literacy difficulties. Together, these students created a touching and catchy song that provides insight into their thoughts and lives while inspiring the public to reach for their dreams.

The lyrics demonstrate that the students were eager to take the opportunity to teach what they have learnt on their journeys. Their words include: “We’ve all been searching for a light in our souls. Cause we all feel alone.” The chorus is highly encouraging: “We’ve got to break through. Don’t let it change you. It may hurt sometimes. Ya, but we’ll learn to fly. So just hold onto your dreams. Don’t you fall to your knees.  Let your light become your saving grace. Cause every day we can change.”

This collaboration was made possible through the Culture in the Schools program.  Teacher Catherine Rendell-Green created a video to accompany the song. To view it, visit

“As their teacher, I am extremely proud and honoured to witness their growth and maturity,” shared Ms. Francis while encouraging the public to enjoy the music her students created. “The lyrics reflect their lives, their emotions, and their perceptions of the world.”

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