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MONTREAL, JUNE 15, 2016 – Spiritual and Community Animators (SCA) of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) made quite an impact as the service was recognized at the annual APAVECQ (Association professionnelle des animatrices et animateurs de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire du Québec) conference.

The EMSB was cited by Dr. Jacques Cherblanc through his research as having the best-organized SCA Service in Québec, and is considered a best practice for its structure, ratio of students served by number of professionals, and the broad and diverse scope of the offer of service. APAVECQ echoed this sentiment in underlining that the EMSB has the best ratio of service, and is the strongest representation of the service in any school board in Québec.

Furthermore, presenting to fellow Spiritual and Community Animators from across Quebec, Frank Lofeodo, David-Roger Gagnon, Joe Monachino, Rocco Speranza, and Pierre-Luc Lajoie highlighted the unique ways that they work with the youth in the EMSB. Also in attendance at the conference were SCAs Gladys Batten, Aaron Durocher, Elizabeth Pellicone, and Samantha Page Smith.

APAVECQ is the professional association that represents Spiritual and Community Animators (SCA) across Québec. On the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Spiritual and Community Animation Service, the conference examined the history and establishment of the service and how the Education Act enshrines, guarantees and promotes this essential service for students. Participants also examined how the school system changed as a result of the revised education law in 1998.

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