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MONTREAL, APRIL 16, 2007- The English Montreal School Board has formally extended it sympathy to the families of the victims of the carnage that occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech yesterday.

EMSB Chairman Dominic Spiridigliozzi has written to Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger. "This entire incident is simply too close to home for us," Mr. Spiridigliozzi stated in his letter. "Only a few months ago, we were all in shock after a gunman killed one of our former students, Anastasia De Sousa, and injured many others in a rampage at Dawson College. We have witnessed shootings at two of our universities: …cole Polytechnique and Concordia. It is a shame in this day and age that people cannot even feel safe on a university campus."

"Disaster hits hard. It is difficult to understand and accept that there are events which cannot be controlled or predicted and which are not easily fixed, resolved, prevented or even understood. We all extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families, the students and faculty in the wake of this horrific event."

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