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MONTREAL, AUGUST 22, 2018 - In order to ease the transition to high school, on Monday, August 27 (9 am) Rosemount High School (3737 Beaubien) will welcome its incoming Grade 7 students with an Amazing Race team building challenge and various other special activities.

The unique program will be facilitated by the Administration, Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce, and Guidance CounsellorBritt Dash. Several senior Rosemount High School students will be on hand as well.

As starting high school is an intimidating time, the day gives new students the opportunity to discover their new surroundings without the business of a regular school day. Activities will also help foster openness, compassion and unity by providing students with the opportunity to bond with their new peers on problem-solving and team building challenges while discovering the different facilities and resources at the school.

Building on this foundation, on the first day of school, these students participate in respecting diversity workshops that will help them understand how they are all unique with various strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, are better together.

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