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MONTREAL, APRIL 25, 2007- Laurier Macdonald High School students have been working hard for several months, creating a film about the dramatic lives of ordinary teenagers. Week after week, students have been contributing their time acting, producing, and directing the movie, Class Dismissed. Their effort and perseverance has resulted in a 40 minute production that will premiere at the Leonardo Da Vinci Center on Wednesday, May 2 (7:30 p.m.).

This 40 minute film is a curriculum-driven activity performed by volunteer LMAC Media Education students and the LMAC Media Education Staff. While this production is taking place outside of class time, participation will provide media students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom in a real life setting. Class Dismissed is an initiative of the Media Education Department and LMAC's Principal Pat Buttino. Under the guidance of Media Education Teacher Michael Penning, AV Technician Alan Taylor, and other members of the production team, several students each wrote a 10-page script, hoping that theirs would be one of the four chosen for the film. The four stories deal with the following topics: teenage pregnancy, prejudice, drugs, and high school romance.

According to Mr. Penning and Mr. Taylor, "Class Dismissed will expand upon the established film production curriculum and will provide the students with the opportunity to put their knowledge of media into practice."

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