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MONTREAL, MAY 10, 2007- The Mackay Centre School for Deaf and Disabled Children (3500 Decarie Blvd.) will hold a very special Mother's Day celebration on Friday, May 11 ( 1 p.m.).

For the past 42 years teacher Karen Hulme has been organizing this event. She is retiring at the end of June. "This event marks an occasion for the children to present their parents with an album of their work from the school year and also to tell them why they are so special," says Principal Jacques Monfette. "It is also an opportunity to put the parents on the spot where they must go to the microphone and tell their child why they are the love of their lives."

The dress code for this day has mothers wearing flowery dresses, hats and gloves. Fathers must come attired in a suit or tuxedo.

Over the years the Mackay Centre has evolved into an organization in which two different organizations cooperate to meet the needs of deaf and disabled children. The Mackay Centre focuses on rehabilitation while the Mackay Centre School concerns itself with the educational needs of the children.

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