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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 25, 2007- To mark the occasion of Willingdon Elementary in N.D.G becoming part of the École Verte Brundtland (EVB) Grade 6 student Jenna Wheeler-Hughes spoke about the efforts of the school’s Green Committee.

Here is a speech Jenna gave to special guests, teachers, parents and her fellow students:

The Green Committee has been at Willingdon for many years and is made up of cycle 3 students. We meet once a week and a parent is in charge. The Green Committee is involved in activities that help the school’s environment. With the help of students and teachers we try to keep our school yard and school clean.

In the past, we conducted an energy audit in our school and found that the front half of the school is energy efficient but the back half of the school needs improvement.

We also conducted an energy audit at the Benny Farm retirement residence.

We helped keep the front gardens tidy.

We enjoyed field trips where we learned about pollution and the environment on the island of Montreal.

This year we will try to convince our fellow students not to buy items that will be thrown out in less than a week. We will also try to recycle plastic TCBY cups and spoons.

This year the parent in charge is Mr. Ian Sinclair who is helped by Jane Wheeler, Debbie Warren and Gail Woodcock. On behalf of the Green Committee I would like to thank these parents.

As for all of you grade 4 students, if you join the Green Committee next year we promise you a great amount of fun.

As part of the EVB the Willingdon Green Committee promises to do its very best to continue with our work.

Thank you.

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