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MONTREAL,  MARCH 17 2008-  The English Montreal School Board has announced that day classes at the St. Pius X Adult Centre and Culinary Institute (9955 Papineau) have been cancelled for Monday, March 17 in order to allow for the removal of snow from the roof. Evening classes, however, will take place.

At Paul VI High School, which shares the same facility, it is business as usual. The portion of the building it utilizes did not require any additional snow removal from the roof.

“Obviously as a result of the position taken by the Commission scolaire de Montréal on Friday regarding the physical integrity of their facilities, everyone has been quite concerned,” EMSB Director General Antonio Lacroce stated in a message sent out  to all schools and centres. “As for the EMSB, we had started the inspection of our facilities systematically since our return from the March break. All of the facilities had been inspected by early Saturday morning. Obviously we took appropriate action as the reports came in.  The action plan required that snow be removed from the roofs of some of our facilities.

“The Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports   issued a circular on Friday that acceptable levels of snow accumulation are in the order of 70 centimetres. Most of our facilities were below that level. In the facilities where there were additional concerns, we had the building inspected by structural engineers. I am pleased to inform you that there is no cause for concern in any of our facilities and that the roof structures are sound. We accelerated the removal of the snow as of Saturday morning and  have had a crew of some 30 people removing snow from some of our facilities since then.”   


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