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MONTREAL, APRIL 21, 2008-   The Media Education Department of Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Léonard, which has gained notice over the last number of years for its extraordinary publications, documentaries and movies, is preparing for its first ever  Media Festival.

“M-Fest”  will take place Tuesday, April 29  (7 p.m.) at the  Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in St. Leonard (8350 Boul. Lacordaire). The first part of festival will be a display of students’ work (animation, sculpture, paintings, photography). This will be followed by a Film Festival/Book Launch.  This year’s book  is called  “Boxes Re-Opened, Stories Re-Told.”  Some stories will be acted out in vignettes, alternating with the best short films from L-Mac students.  A panel of judges will choose “Best In Show.

As a prelude to “M-Fest,” Laurier Macdonald will welcome noted Montreal filmmaker Phil Price to the school (7355 Viau)  on Wednesday, April 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Mr.  Price, who attended the EMSB’s Roslyn Elementary School, will preview his newest motion picture called Prom Wars which will premiere on screens across Canada on May 9. The film was shot entirely in Montreal last year.   It revolves around the fictitious  graduating class at Miss Aversham and Miss Cronstall’s School for Girls who
find that they have - in defiance  of the natural laws of probability -  all blossomed simultaneously.  Capitalizing on their unique status,  and intent on teaching high school boys to NEVER take girls for granted, they issue a challenge to the boys  of Easthill's rival private schools,  Selby and Lancaster.  The winner in a series of designated competitions will be awarded  exclusive rights to the girls as prom dates. Like the capricious and  meddlesome gods of Greek  mythology, the ACS girls pit the boys’ schools against each other in a (secret) Prom War.

At the LMAC “M Fest” on April 29 copies of “Boxes Re-Opened, Stories Re-Told”  and the  short films (DVD) will be available for sale.. About 550 tickets are  available, by special invitation only!  Almost 300 students are showcasing material in “M-Fest, ”   including 10 with films, 35 with book stories and 200 with miscellaneous art. Staff involved with the project are teachers Audrey and Lev Berner, Christian Gavard, Slawek Goreckim Leon Llewellyn, Charles Northey, Michael Penning and technical advisor Alan Taylor.

Last year the students produced Class Dismissed, an actual film about the dramatic lives of ordinary teenagers and dealing with the  subjects of  teenage pregnancy, prejudice, drugs, and high school romance. Prior to that the Media Education Department produced one docu-drama called Ripples In Time with an accompanying book and  five other publications: Faded Memories, Rainbow of Dreams, Memories in Black and White, Once upon a Journey and Whispering Dreams.


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