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MONTREAL,  APRIL 30,  2008-  Hampstead Elementary School has received a $7,000 grant from the Alex and Ruth Dworkin Foundation Tolerance Initiative Fund, administered by the Canadian Jewish Congress Quebec Region, for a program called  Peace Makers, which is being introduced on May 5 by Dynamix Adventures ( for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. A school assembly will be held on May 1 (10:45 a.m.) to formally launch the program.

Hampstead Elementary School serves a broad socio-economic level of students and for several years was classified as a category 2 inner-city core English school.  In fact  95 percent of the students are bussed in from various parts of the island of Montreal including, Côte-des Neiges, Saint-Henri, Ville Émard and Little Burgundy. In addition, a large numer  of the Hampstead School population has special needs, which can range from mild learning difficulties to handicaps. Consequently, many students are unable to participate in after-school activities and are therefore deprived of the opportunity to interact with one another on a social level rendering it more difficult for the students to respect each other’s differences and embrace the multicultural environment of the school. The implementation of Peace Makers is fostering global respect, tolerance and good citizenship amongst the student population and will teach them lifelong social skills that would positively impact their day to day peer interactions.

“The goal of Peace Makers is to teach students to tolerate each other’s differences, be it cultural, social, academic or otherwise,” says  Corey Szwarcok, the director of Dynamix. Through various experiential based learning activities, students will have to work together using techniques taught in class by professional facilitators. The students will learn the importance of respect, honesty, kindness and patience so that collectively they can resolve conflicts and better co-exist as a community. The students will assume the ever important social responsibility of tolerance that not only fosters a peaceful school community but the greater community as well.”





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