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MONTREAL, MAY 7, 2008-   – The Forces AVENIR student committee at Rosemount high School was delighted to receive a visit recently from Gabriel Bran Lopez, who came to speak to students about his personal experience in social commitment. The goal of the event was to inspire young people to get involved in projects and to bring their dreams to life.

The nine members of the organizing committee, accompanied by  Jody Nagle, a special educator at the school, organized the activity in collaboration with the Forces AVENIR organization.

Gabriel Bran Lopez is a young man who has travelled and worked in Africa, Central America and Western and Eastern Canada. He has worked above all with children and orphans suffering from the effects of HIV and Aids. His message was one of hope and promise. “I have always thought of myself as someone very ordinary but after briefly assessing what I have accomplished so far, I came to realize that when all is said and done, I have in fact raised awareness and rallied many people to my cause,” he said. “ We can all make a difference in the lives of others. Go for it!”

It should be pointed out that Forces AVENIR is a non-profit organization that aims to recognize, honour and promote the social commitment and enterprising spirit of young people in projects that enrich knowledge, instill the desire for success and for surpassing oneself, encourage the development of community thinking, and thus contribute to the development of active and responsible leaders who are both dedicated to their community and open to the world.

Since 2005, the Forces AVENIR Speaking and Recognition program has provided secondary schools with educational experiences throughout the school year by arranging for enthusiastic university students who have received public recognition for their achievements in various fields to visit schools to talk about their experience. During an event adapted to each school community and organized by a student committee, the speakers share their life story and experiences with students and talk about their projects. These motivators and role models work to help young people with untapped and unexplored ambitions and potential to explore their ideals so that they too can fully develop their capabilities. Later in the year, an awards ceremony to publicly recognize social commitment is also organized by the school’s Forces AVENIR student committee.

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