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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 4, 2008-    Alberta-born recording sensation Jaydee Bixby, the 2007 runner up on CTV’s Canadian Idol, made a special visit to Rosemount High School  on  Sept. 3.

Rosemount High School has an excellent music and orchestra program, run by Debbie Best.   Bixby, accompanied by his lead guitarist Klinger, sang three songs for the enthusiastic student audience of 650. He and Klinger also served as judges for performances by  three students - Raquel Paredes (vocalist), Franco LaBraca (classical pianist) and Adam Passalaqua (blues drummer)-  and one teacher – Andrew Mangal (vocalist). Mr. Mangal, who sang a Jonas Brothers song, actually auditioned for Idol six years ago, as did math teacher Kathy Simard.

Lauralyn Lee, the Student Body President, served as master of ceremonies. Bixby was ushered into the auditorium among tremendous applause. A large “Welcome To Rosemount High Jaydee Bixby” sign adorned the stage curtain. He gave some opening remarks and expressed his great admiration for the musical talent at Rosemount. Also watching the students perform closely was Rob Pattee, Bixby’s Montreal-born manager who has called Vancouver home for more than 30 years. After a general question and answer period, Bixby, Klinger and Pattee had a private session with members of the school’s Symphonic Winds Orchestra and offered tips on how to make it in the music business.

On Canadian Idol Bixby gained millions of adoring fans thanks to both his impeccable voice and hip-swaggering Presley-esque stage manner that left more than a few ladies swooning. Even Idol guest star Paul Anka was compelled to endorse Bixby, noting that he “has the type of talent that will keep him around for decades to come.” His new album, Cowboys and Cadillac finds the sure-footed teen intensifying and broadening the same velvety voice that prompted throngs of Canadians to instantly adore him.  

Principal Ginette Clarke called Bixby’s visit an excellent way to start off the 2008-09 academic year. “We have begun the year on a high,” she said.



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