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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 18, 2008-  Some 2,000 elementary school children from seven different school boards will be joined by professional artists, musicians, dancers, and other dignitaries on Wed. September  24 (9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) to celebrate the Intercultural Exchange Day on the large field behind Royal Vale School (5851 Somerled) in N.D.G.  The English Montreal School Board’s Westmount Park is hosting the event, sponsored by LEARN Quebec (Leading English Education and Resource Network), and the Supporting Montreal Schools Program. In the event of rain, activities will be rescheduled to Fri. September 26.

Besides Royal Vale and Westmount Park, other EMSB schools represented will be  Elizabeth Ballantyne, Gardenview, Parkdale, Coronation, Carlyle, St. Monica, Bancroft, John Caboto and Merton.  Schools from other boards will include Springdale, Jules Verne, Harmony, Westpark, Riverview and  St. Lawrence Senior.
This annual one-day Intercultural Exchange will feature young students from a variety of cultural backgrounds performing alongside professional artists. Promoting the theme of “harmony between cultures,” tomorrow’s caretakers-of-the-planet will showcase their unique cultures through various art forms and performances.
Based on the premise that understanding one another’s cultural beliefs and practices is key to promoting tolerance and appreciation for diversity and ultimately attaining peace, the Intercultural Exchange project is designed to help children (and adults) learn more about both cultural differences and similarities.

The Intercultural Exchange Project strengthens the students’ learning and understanding that Canadian/Quebec Multiculturalism is fundamental to our belief of all Canadian citizens being equal and maintaining their own identities. They learn to appreciate that multiculturalism is one of Canada's and Quebec’s greatest assets and gifts - the country's rich cultural mosaic, and they come to understand the importance of this diversity as part of our individual and collective identity. This project serves as an excellent tool for teaching intercultural relations in a school milieu. The students learn that originally perceived differences in fact highlight similarities, which unite them through commonly shared human values and beliefs.
The team of organizers strongly believes in the affirmative power of bringing cultures together. “It’s amazing to be part of such a unique event,” says Rosa Kovalski from LEARN Quebec. “What’s even more phenomenal is having children at the forefront to make this world a more accepting place.”

Several high ranking political figures have been invited to attend, as have distinguished members of the diplomatic corps and  cultural community representatives. 


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