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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 14, 2008-  The English Montreal School Board (EMSB)  has  launched a new publication called  Inspirations – A Snapshot of Our Special Needs Community.
As  a leader in catering to special needs children and  young adults, the EMSB  is proud to be sponsoring Inspirations.  It will initially be published twice annually  and be distributed widely in the Greater Montreal to English school boards, institutions dealing with special needs individuals, hospitals, CLSCs, doctor’s offices, community organizations, the media and government.
The small tabloid newspaper is  also  available at many drop-off points across the island. Inspirations will provide uplifting stories of success stories in the area of special needs. The first edition’s lead story is about an autistic teenager who graduated from Vincent Massey Collegiate, a high school which requires entrance exams. There are also articles from experts in various fields providing timely advice to parents and information concerning special needs initiatives from other school boards.
While the EMSB is the publisher of this magazine, the content will ultimately cover the entire Greater Montreal area.  “We are taking this initiative upon the demand of many of our parents,” said Lew Lewis, director of Student Services from the EMSB. “While another such magazine was launched in this city just over two years ago, it now considers itself a national publication. As such, many of the good local stories are not being covered. We intend to rectify that.”
“Through the pages of Inspirations we will bring you the feedback from special education consultants psychologists, guidance counsellors, speech-language pathologists, autism spectrum disorder consultants, behavior specialists, spiritual community animators, social workers and  physiotherapists,” added editor Michael J. Cohen, the EMSB’s communications and marketing specialist. “We’ll go into the classrooms of the intellectually and physically handicapped as well as examine how the visually and hearing-impaired population cope day to day. The underlining message is that all of these people continue to be ‘Inspirations’ to all of us.”
Inspirations is available online at (click on first edition). For more information  call (514) 483-7200, ext. 7243 or email


Michael J. Cohen
Communications and Marketing Specialist
English Montreal School Board
Tel: (514) 483-7200 ext. 7243
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