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MONTREAL, MARCH 19,  2009-  Students and staff at Marymount Academy  (5100 Côte Saint-Luc Road)  in N.D.G. will present Cultural Outreach 2009 on March 27  ( 7 p.m.). 

The Marymount Academy community is rich in its diversity of cultures and ethnicities, with a strong sense of respect for its  various ethnic groups. The presenters and performers in Cultural Outreach 2009 come from the various ethnic groups that make up theircommunity. Through their performances, they explore different cultures from the safe point of view that the stage offers. In sharing their vision with others, Marymount Academy is committed to providing a safe way to appreciate the composition of our cultural mosaic, thus strengthening community ties.

The Marymount Action Group (MAG) has strengthened community ties by developing action projects encompassing the environment, poverty, health, democracy, human rights and peace. “

As a  Brundtland Environmental Group school for four years, Marymount is showcasing an art exhibition, selling Fair Trade goods and presenting its “Recycled Culture Fashion Show” during this event. Those attending will not only help foster cultural awareness, but they will also assist the school in raising funds for an International Baccalaureate Student Exchange Program for 2010, as well as “Canada for Poverty.”     


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