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MONTREAL, APRIL 6,  2009-   The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is proud of the performances of its schools and students at the recent 2009 Bell Montreal Regional Science Fair at Dawson College.  

John Paul I Junior High School and Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Léonard,  Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North, Vincent Massey  Collegiate in Rosemount and Royal Vale School in N.D.G. were all medal winners. Laurier Macdonald was also in the category which included medal, cash and upper-level fair winners. Marymount and Royal West were medal winners, cash winners, and upper-level fair winners.

For his project entitled “Cracking Cancer with CRK,” Marymount student Abicumaran Uthamacumaran won the right to compete at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, the first time an EMSB student will be participating at this fair since Salvatore Motillo from Laurier Macdonald High School earned that right several years ago. Abicumaran also won the Dawson College Science Award, the Gold Medal – Intermediate, the McGill Journal of Medicine Abstract Publication Award and the McGill University – Faculty of Science Award at the science fair.

The following EMSB students also won awards at this year’s Bell Montreal Regional Science Fair:

  • John Paul I: Stefa Saddi (Honourable Mention – Junior for “Amount of Vitamin C in OJ”); Emma Corona (Bronze Medal – Junior for “Diabetes”).
  • Laurier Macdonald: Olivia Sanalitro and Sara Perillo (Bronze Medal – Intermediate for “Stroop Effect & Elimination); Chantale Le and Elisa Mei-Farina (Bronze Medal – Intermediate for “Tension on the Surface”); Elisa Cordeiro-Matos (Bronze Medal – Intermediate for “The Brain”).
  • Lester B. Pearson: Noemi de Paoli and Vanessa Ortu (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “Air Hockey Table”); Christina Ziccardi and Vanessa Mazzilli (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “Hockey Physiology”); Elena Cesare and Alyssa Gautheir (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “How To Build A Solar Cell”); Rocco Campanelli and Nikko Contino (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “Physics of Flight”); Julia Iandiorio and Anthony Barbaro (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “UV Light, Blocked by Glass?”).
  • Marymount: Michael Smith and Noren Din (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “Heart Effects”); Andrea Cherry and Regina Coeli Tolentino (McGill University – Psychology Award and Silver Medal – Intermediate for “Is the Problem apPARENT?”); Abhinaya Uthamacumaran (Bronze Medal – Junior for “The Secrets of Coffee”); Michael Bruccoleri (Silver Medal – Intermediate for “Water Purification”).
  • Royal Vale: Shane Maxwell Kalinowicz and Nandi Belinsky (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “Building Aerodynamics”); Keiran Arscott (Honourable Mention – Junior for “Building Stonehenge”); Justin Anthony (Bronze Medal – Junior for “How Elevators Work”); Monica Papini and Gloria Federico (Bronze Medal – Intermediate for “The Mysterious Speed of Sound”).
  • Royal West: Jessica Matschek (Concordia University – Faculty of Arts and Science Award, Gold Medal – Intermediate, and Runner Up Award – Intel International Science & Engineering Fair for “Adventuring into the Placenta”); Rahul Rughani and Howard Huang (Honourable Mention – Senior 1 for “Apopis – Mostly Harmless?”); Sophia Ir (Lorne Trottier Entrance Scholarship at Marianopolis College, McGill University – Redpath Museum Award and Silver Medal – Senior 1 for “Disco Inferno”); Laura Loebenberg (Gold Medal – Junior and McGill University – Department of Natural Resource Sciences Award for “Don’t Rush to Flush!”); Corey Lesk and David Chen (Gold Medal – Senior 1 and McGill University – Faculty of Medicine Award for “Once APON A Time”); Annie Kwan (Bronze Medal – Senior 1 for “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…”); Rouan Gaffar (Dawson College Science Award, Gold Medal – Junior, Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. “Student Researcher” Award and Super expo-sciences Bell (SESB) Experimentation & Design Award for “Sunscreen Effectiveness”); Samantha Hill-Gagne and Ashley Lang (Concordia University – Science College Award, Gold Medal – Intermediate, Runner Up -- Super expo-sciences Bell (SESB) Experimentation & Design Award and Runner Up Award -- Intel International Science & Engineering Fair for “The Guys Say: Hot!”); Iyngaran Panchacharam and Jason Pare (Bronze Medal – Intermediate for “The House of Tomorrow”).
  • Vincent Massey: Mathew Foulidis and Matteo Agostinelli (Bronze Medal – Intermediate for “Fertilizers: Organic/Inorganic”); Kevin Chiem and Nikesh Muthukrishanan (Honourable Mention – Senior 1 for “Sound Transmission”); Lucas Mastrogiuseppe and Renato Testa (Silver Medal – Senior 1 for “The Theremin”).


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