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MONTREAL, APRIL 22, 2009- The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) continues to promote opportunities for international students.

During the 2008-09 academic year, the EMSB had 152 international students enroll at six primary and 13 secondary schools . They come from: Korea (110), Germany (11), Brazil (eight), Vietnam (seven), China (four), the United States (four), Thailand (two), Thailand (two), Mexico (two), Switzerland (one), Dominican Republic (one), Columbia (one) and Bulgaria (one). Westmount High School (37), Marymount Academy (34), Elizabeth Ballantyne (18) and Westmount Park (13) have the most international students.

Representatives of the EMSB have been attending an Education Fair in Korea for the past several years. A new Korean-language website has recently been launched at Total revenue for 2008-09 from the international students was $957,114.50. The EMSB must charge each international student. This cost was $5,580 and $6,852 for elementary and secondary as of this year. However, due to expenditures such as hiring additional pedagogical support, these fees will now rise to $7,050 and $8,500.This is very much keeping with the charges of other public boards. Ninety percent of this money must go back to the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports which in turn provides the standard funding ($4,925, elementary and $5,888 secondary) per student as long as they are registered by September 30.

The EMSB is hopeful that it can continue to increase its international enrolment. As our youth sector enrolment goes down due to circumstances beyond our control we see this as an excellent opportunity, says EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini, alluding to language laws, simple demographics and a low birth rate for a drop of nearly 4,000 students in the last eight years.


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