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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 4, 2009- The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) distributed 44 cash scholarships of $500 each to students from the graduating class of 2009 at a ceremony that was held on November 3 at the St. Pius X Facility in Ahuntsic. 

These scholarships were funded from the proceeds of the fifth EMSB Scholarship Golf Tournament, held in June  2008. Beneficiaries from the tournament, which took place this past June, will be chosen at the end of the current academic year.

Scholarships were awarded to high school students who are continuing their studies in a post-secondary educational program.

The scholarships were divided into two categories:

Category I scholarships were presented to students who have demonstrated a high academic achievement as well as involvement in school life activities such as leadership, volunteerism, student council, school sports, representing the school in different events. The recipients were:   Mateo Doutreligne-Solkin and Natalie Richards,  F.A.C.E downtown; Erika Di Michele and Ross Gearey, James Lyng High School, St. Henri;  Jessica Di Lazzaro, John F. Kennedy,  St. Michel;  Julia Ferreira and Antonio Gentile,  LaurenHill Academy, St. Laurent; Jordan Marques and Celine Krystal Coletta, Laurier Macdonald High School, St. Léonard;  Alyssa Marie Cannavino and Alessio Valentini, Lester B. Pearson High School, Montreal North;  Xuan Hu, Marymount Academy, N.D.G.;  Gianna Di Censo,  MIND, the Plateau;  Christopher Aitkens, Options II High School, Ville Emard; Heide Leger-Gallegos and Maya Patel,  Rosemount High School;  Shane Kalinowicz, Royal Vale, N.D.G.;  Eden Loren Abramowitz,  Royal West Academy, Montreal West;  Olubukola Odutayo-Balogun and Kimberley Soo, Shadd Business Centre, N.D.G.; Zanielle-Marie Nava,  St. Laurent Adult Centre;  Samantha Montuori, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Rosemount; and Nina Omerovic-Beccalli, Westmount High School.

Category II scholarships were awarded to students who have persevered in the face of overwhelming odds and personal difficulties. The recipients were: Rebekka Hoth, Galileo Adult Centre, Rosemount; Harrison Fyfe and Jonathan Veiga-Perez,  James Lyng High School; Celia Persechino, John F. Kennedy High School; Fionna Spence and Dorothy Patel, LaurenHill Academy;  Alexa Nano and Jasmyna Girgis, Laurier Macdonald High School; Emilie Lamarre and Tania Contrucci, Lester B. Pearson High School;  Christopher Reid,  Marymount Academy;  Evans Forson,  Options II High School;  Kevin Boisclair and Jenuja Thayaparan, Rosemount High School;  Deniz Akcal,  Royal Vale School;   Maxime Whaite, Royal West Academy;  Hong Ding and Annie Hickey, Shadd Business Centre; Jennifer Lahorra,  St. Laurent Adult Center; Luigi Corrado, Vincent Massey Collegiate and Chanel Nicoll-Ellis, Westmount High School.

These 44 student honourees were recognized not only for their accomplishments in the classroom, but also what they have accomplished within the community at large, as well as successfully confronting and overcoming many difficult personal challenges, such as Luigi Corrado, who graduated from Vincent Massey Collegiate with an 87 percent average while successfully battling a benign brain tumour; Dorothy Patel, who graduated from LaurenHill Academy while undergoing treatment for Aplastic Anemia and withstanding a series of  painful complications; and Maxime Whaite, who graduated from Royal West Academy and maintained high grades and won a bursary for her academic achievements, while she stayed by her father’s side during his long battle with cancer.


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