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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER  9, 2009-     John Paul I Junior High School    (8455 Pré-Laurin) and Laurier Macdonald High School (7355 Viau), both in St. Léonard, will hold special Remembrance Day ceremonies on Tuesday, Nov. 10

At John Paul I, students and staff will mark and honour the 65th anniversary of the Canadian Forces involvement in the Italian Campaign of World War II  at   (10:15 a.m.).  Meanwhile, at Laurier Macdonald a series of interviews with war veterans were conducted a few weeks ago and they will be screened for students beginning at 9:45 a.m,

John Paul I Ceremony

Students are playing an active role in  producing the trilingual (English, French and Italian) John Paul I ceremony, preparing  decorations, speeches and poems. They are also working on an interior cenotaph. The school choir will perform as well. Over 20 Canadian and Italian veterans and dignitaries, including Federal Minister of Veterans Affairs   Greg Thompson,  Consul General of Italy Giulio Picheca, St. Léonard-St. Michel Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti, MNA, Jeanne-Mance-Viger Liberal MNA. Filomena Rotiroti and St. Leonard Mayor Michel Bissonnet  have  been invited to attend. This project will take place over the  course of the academic school year with the aim of sensitizing the youth of their duty to remember. The project is
entitled The Spirit of Remembering; The 65 anniversary of The Italian
It will carry on the remainder of this year.

Laurier Macdonald

Towards the end of October  students from Laurier Macdonald conducted a sit-down interview with some Canadian war veterans. Their topics were WWII, the Holocaust, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan.  The interviews will be presented in the school cafeteria this week, commencing on Tuesday morning.  Secondary V IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) students  from LMAC,  with the help of Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce will be traveling to Dalkeith, Dante and General Vanier elementary schools for a special Remembrance Day Celebration with the cycle 2 & 3 students from these schools. These senior students have created a presentation that describse the lives of their family members during World War II and how they fought for their freedom and struggled in an unfamiliar land called  Canada.  These students will be accompanied by three  Canadian War Veterans and three peacekeepers who will share with the students their heartfelt testimonies and memories of their lives during War. 


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