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MONTREAL, JUNE 3, 2010The Council of Commissioners  of the English Montreal School Board has approved a number of  administrative appointments for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Schools getting new principals will be: Westmount Park (Nathalie Lacroix, current vice-principal at LaurenHill); Leonardo Da Vinci Academy (Mike Talevi, current principal at Dalkeith); Marymount Academy (Craig Olenik, current principal at James Lyng); James Lyng (Tony Pita, current principal at St. John Bosco);  St. John Bosco (Katherine Snow, current principal at Elizabeth Ballantyne); Dalkeith (John Wright, current principal at St. Raphael);  Dante (Ida Pisano, current acting principal at the same school); Elizabeth Ballantyne (Gail Callendar, current vice- principal of James Lyng); and St. Raphael (Alice Buchanan, current principal at Dante and presently on leave).

Schools receiving new vice-principals will be:  Laurier Macdonald (Marylene Perron, current vice-principal at Michelangelo); LaurenHill (George Koutsoulis, current vice-principal at Nesbitt);  James Lyng (Steven Mastavich, current teacher at Royal West Academy); and John Paul I (Martin Marcil, current teacher at St. Brendan).
Taking their retirements following the current academic year will be: Christina Delaney (principal, Westmount Park); Phyllis Marinelli-D’Amato (principal, Leonardo Da Vinci Academy); and Dino Marzinotto (vice-principal, Laurier Macdonald High School). Taking leaves of absence will be: Luigi Santamaria (principal, Marymount) and Daniel Lefrançois (vice-principal, John Paul I).


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