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MONTREAL, JUNE 14, 2010 – Gloomy weather did not stop Edinburgh  Elementary School in Montreal West from celebrating its 50th anniversary this week as children, staff and local representatives braved the elements to honour a neighbourhood landmark.

The ceremony kicked off with the burying of a time capsule that featured contributions from the entire student body. Included in the box were signed photos, CDs, DVDs, various written works as well as scholastic material from the 2009-2010 academic year. The capsule will be dug up in 20 years where the contents will show demonstrate what life was like at Edinburgh in 2010.

“Things have changed a lot in a few decades and things will continue to change,” said Rob Friend, chairman of the Edinburgh School Governing Board. “This time capsule is a great way to mark our anniversary.”

Wishing the local institution a happy anniversary as well was Beny Masella, Mayor of the Town of Montreal West. Mayor Masella joined the crowd and braved the weather to offer words of praise for the school and its positive impact on the community. EMSB School Commissioner Joseph Lalla and Secretary General Joanne Bisbikos were also on hand.

The ceremony then shifted indoors where the school’s choir marked the occasion through song as well as select students spoke of what the time capsule and the anniversary meant to them.

“I’ll be 31 years old by the time they bring up the time capsule,” said Noah Ennis, a Grade 5 student. “Hopefully I’ll return as a successful businessman or a hockey player, married to a sweet girl with two children: one boy and one girl.”


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