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MONTREAL,  JUNE 22, 2010 – English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Chairman Angela Mancini has announced the appointment of Robert Stocker as the new director general, effective July 10. Mr. Stocker will succeed Mario Tirelli, who is retiring.

Mr. Stocker was appointed deputy director general of the EMSB in February, after fulfilling that role on an interim basis for the previous seven months. He joined the EMSB in 1999 as Director of Financial Services.  For six years he was the head of finance for the Lakeshore General Hospital. Prior to that he served as business administrator for the Sacred Heart School of Montreal, director of administrative services for Les Promotions Sociales Taylor-Thibodeau (a centre for intellectually handicapped adults)  and as assistant director of finance at St. Mary‟s Hospital. He worked for Cooper‟s & Lybrand as an audit supervisor upon graduation from university.

“The Council of Commissioners has the utmost confidence in Mr. Stocker which is why we decided not to make an interim appointment,” said Ms. Mancini. “Mr. Stocker did a remarkable job in the finance portfolio and in the brief time in which he was the deputy director general he showed a lot of initiative.  He knows how our system functions from A to Z and has a firm understanding and appreciation of our pedagogical mission. At the same time he brings an important business perspective to the position. With a $219 million budget and many financial challenges ahead, he was the perfect candidate.

“Mr. Stocker has given exceptional service to the school board,” Ms. Mancini added. “Most certainly, when we first appointed him as deputy director general, we saw him as a future director general. This appointment may have come sooner than expected, but we know he is ready for the challenge. Over the years Mr. Stocker has shown sound judgment, thorough decision-making and dedication to the EMSB. We are thrilled that he has accepted this important role.”

Mr. Stocker is excited to take on this new position. “I  am honoured by the Council of Commissioners'  decision to appoint me as the EMSB's director general,” he stated.  “Our strength and the success of our students,   results from the talent and dedication of all of our employees. It is in that light that I  wish to continue the work of my predecessors in reinforcing relationships, respect and responsibility.”


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