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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 13, 2010  The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) has  submitted a formal brief regarding Bill 103 and will appear before a Parliamentary Committee of the National Assembly of Quebec on Wednesday, September 22 at 1 p.m.

“As the largest English public school board in Quebec, the EMSB has the responsibility to protect the English language and advocate on behalf of parents who wish to send their children to an English public school,” said EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “ It is thus the school board’s belief that Bill 103 would undoubtedly have a devastating effect on the future of English education in Quebec.”

Enrolment numbers indicate that since the implementation of Bill 104, EMSB’s youth sector has dropped from more than 27,000 students to 21,300. While Bill 104 was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court of Canada, Bill 103 would directly contravene their decision as well as make it nearly impossible for a Quebec child to be eligible for an English public education.

“The EMSB has always been proactive in our efforts to preserve the French language and ensuring  that our schools proudly graduate thousands of biliterate and bilingual students annually,” said Ms. Mancini, who will present the brief in Quebec City with  Vice-Chairman Sylvia Lo Bianco, Commissioner Patricia Lattanzio and Director General Robert Stocker..

In the brief, the EMSB is requesting that the Quebec government respect the majority of Quebecers and the future of the English language by retracting Bill 103 in its entirety and proposing a new legislation that will not directly, or indirectly, restrict Quebecers’ rights to access English Public schools.  To read the entire brief go to


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