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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 1, 2010 – As a way to safeguard the privacy and rights of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) and its users, and prevent inappropriate use of Information and Computing Technology (ICT) resources, a revised appropriate use policy will set forth a new set of regulations set to take affect across the board.

The revised policy will apply to all EMSB stakeholders, including employees, students, commissioners, parents and the general public who access or make use of any telecommunication or computing infrastructure (equipment) and services which are provided or managed by the EMSB or any external systems accessed while using these services.

Aligning with, and in support of, the EMSB’s “Safe Schools Policy,” the new regulations allow for the filtering of internet access in order to promote the most effective use of school board resources, as well as eliminate any inappropriate activity.

Users who choose to use these resources will waive any right of privacy for anything created, stored, sent or received using EMSB ICT. In addition, users will be advised that safeguards be taken to ensure the confidentiality of their personal and organizational information.

While the policy does provide a provision for a reasonable amount of personal use of ICT resources, any instances of probable inappropriate conduct may be investigated and those individuals could be held accountable for their actions.

This policy must first go out for consultation to the Central Parents’ Committee, the Education Policies Committee, the Central Management Advisory Committee and various employee unions and associations before being formally adopted by the Council of Commissioners.


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