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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 27,  2010-  The 11th annual English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Career Fair  will take place November 3 and 4 at St. Pius X Adult Centre in Ahuntsic (9955 Papineau) for Secondary V students.

Official opening ceremonies will take place on November 3 at 9:30 a.m., with the event also marking Media Literacy Week  and the theme  of Gender and Media . Among the guest speakers will be popular MusiquePlus veejay Chéli Sauvé-Castonguay and  RBC Royal Bank sponsored athletes Benoit St. Amand and Marie-Eve Marleau. St-Amand is a goalie for the Canadian Paralympic sledge hockey team while Marleau is an elite diver who represented Canada at last Summer Olympic Games in Beijing China.

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on November 3, the Career Fair will be open to the community-at-large. Organizers note that this is a good opportunity for parents to attend with their children as they look towards post-secondary education options.

Noted veejay and motivational speaker Malik  Shaheed, a graduate of Westmount High School, will be  back as the emcee. Susan  Freed, a guidance counsellor at LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent, is the Career Fair chairperson. The Student Services and Adult Education and Vocational Services Departments of the EMSB   coordinate this  program.  Ms. Freed notes that the main objective  of the Career Fair is to provide students with an in-depth exposure to the various educational opportunities available to them.  All students will take part in a brief   general information session in the St. Pius X auditorium. Students will then  have the chance to visit the various exhibition/information booths staffed by representatives from English vocational centres, CEGEPS, universities, the Canadian Armed Forces,  McDonald’s  and some private business colleges.

Chéli Sauvé-Castonguay 

Chéli  grew up in Ottawa. She received her communications degree, with a major in journalism, from the University of Ottawa.    She came to Montreal in 2002 to work for MusiquePlus as a veejay. She presently hosts a show called Palmarès, which airs Monday to Fridays from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. This   90 minute live show is entirely interactive with the viewers who are asked  to vote for their top five English and French videos daily.  These  are selected from a bank of 30 videos found on the website  

“It’s free to vote and people don’t need to register,” says Chéli.  “We have roughly 40 000 votes per night.  The show also promotes the latest videos, viral videos and  special requests  pf viewers.  We occasionally do pre-taped or live interviews with popular artists.”

Benoit St-Amand

The Career Fair is supported almost entirely by corporate sponsorship, principally Jack Dym of Pipe and Piling Supplies, RBC Royal Bank and a host of others.  Benoit St.-Amand will be  at the RBC kiosk on November 3. He has always been passionate about playing sports, especially hockey, which he began playing at the age of three. A resident of St-Hubert  he was diagnosed with a malignant tumour on his right tibia at 15 years of age and after many months of operations and physiotherapy, he consented to have his leg amputated above the knee.

This was a tough decision for St-Amand, but he was anxious to get back to an active lifestyle. The ordeal taught him to think and act positively, living his life one day at a time.

After watching a broadcast of the Canadian sledge hockey team playing at the 2002 Paralympics, Benoît was determined to play for his country. A couple of months after the 2002 games were over, he started to play sledge hockey in Montreal. After only two years of playing, he earned a spot on the national team as a forward and eventually made the switch to goaltending.

St-Amand was a member of the gold medal team at the 2006 Paralympics in Torino and on the team which played in Vancouver last winter. He also has gold medals from the 2008 IPC Hockey World Championships and the 2007 World Sledge Hockey Challenge. He has his own website at

Marie-Eve Marleau

Marie-Eve  Marleau  has had a wonderful athletic career. She started out as a high-level gymnast and after 10 years in the sport decided to cross over to diving. This proved to be a successful move as she has  accomplished many of her sporting goals, including competing at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Currently retired and completely her degree in Business Marketing,  
“The Beijing Olympic Games was an incredible experience all round, but a few moments left a greater mark than others,” she states. “ Remembering the opening ceremony still sends shivers up my spine. When we entered the Olympic Stadium with the Canadian team and the entire crowd of more than 90,000 was standing and cheering us on… there was a 10-second silence where all the athletes realized they were living the dream of a lifetime. My two days of competition were also extremely emotional. I overcame a huge setback to be able to finish the way I wanted and I’m very proud of that. Thinking back on it now, I wouldn’t have done it differently.

Gender and Media

This year participants in Media Literacy Week are exploring issues related to gender representation: body image, stereotyping, sexualization, gender roles and healthy relationships, as well as how media can be used to provide more realistic and empowering role models for youth.  At the Career Fair and in classrooms during the week, the focus will be placed on how the media’s depiction of gender, be it in news reports, television or film, depicts men and women in specific roles and how that does not necessarily reflect reality.


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