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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 2, 2010 – The Central Parents Committee (CPC) of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) has elected Linda Perez as its new chairman.  

Ms. Perez began her service to the EMSB by joining the Home and School Association while her son attended Dunrae Gardens in the Town of Mount Royal. Upon realizing she could have a greater impact when dealing with issues of policy, she moved onto the school’s Governing Board and then onto the Region 2 Parents Committee.

“I am a strategic planner by trade,” said Ms. Perez. “ I bring a lot of leadership skills to the table, but I understand the issues and read between the lines to help bring the conversation to a level which will have a lasting impact. We are facing some huge issues such as the reorganization of schools and boundaries. There is also the ongoing fight at the political level with access to English education. Parents have a role to play in everything.”

During her tenure as chairman of the CPC, Ms. Perez hopes to bring an important and different perspective to the administration and to the commissioners in all matters that touch students, education and the overall welfare of the school board.

Outside of the CPC, Ms. Perez is the vice-president and managing director for the law firm of Ogilvy Montreal. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Child Psychology and a Diploma in Management from McGill University. She is the sister of Albert Perez, the EMSB School Commissioner for N.D.G.


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