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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER  17, 2010 With her eye squarely on the role of parents to play a greater role in the lives of their children, Carolyn Melmed offered up her nearly half-century of insight with the recent launch of her DVD: Unleashing Your Child’s Potential at an evening hosted by the Central Parents Committee of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).

A teacher and founding member of the Lansdowne Centre, Melmed conveyed the message that success in school requires good study habits and that a strong relationship between students, parents, and teachers is essential to effective learning. Through the DVD, Unleashing Your Child’s Potential, parents are set to recieve a comprehensive instructional guide that focuses on how to become good coaches, motivate their children and provide them with learning methods, a sense of discipline and effective communication skills.

“I think the role of parents is not emphasized enough. We have a three way partnership, students have a role, teachers to and parents do,” said Melmed. “Parents are given very little guidance and I think it’s important that we provide the tools for parents as well.”

Tools provided in the DVD will enable parents to learn how to help their children evolve from being dependent, to becoming independent learners, and ultimately to achieve higher grades and become more successful students.  Additionally, one component helps parents the fundamentals in establishing a good learning environment at home, an effective homework routine and how to prepare for parent/teacher interviews.

“You’re going to get a very concrete DVD that presents an opportunity to give parents the necessary tools to fully absorb their third of the partnership. The great aspect about having this on a DVD is that you will have the opportunity to play a little bit, absorb it, replay it over and over again and learn the next part,” added Melmed. “One simple example is that teachers often don’t know what’s going on in a child’s home. It’s the responsibility of the parent to give them that information and encourage communication. All the way around, I think the role of the parent has not been given the attention that it’s required.”

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