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MONTREAL, DECEMBER 14, 2010 – Students from Rosemount High School are spreading holiday cheer two ways this season as their Symphonic Winds Orchestra is set to begin their   annual Christmas Concert tour on December 14.. This  was preceded by an incredibly successful holiday food drive.

Home of one of the  top music departments in Montreal, Rosemount High School will continue their long held tradition of a Christmas Concert Tour as students begin visiting 10 EMSB Elementary Schools over a seven day period.  Beginning on the 14th, students will take to the road and perform at Nesbitt, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and St. Brendan Elementary Schools in Rosemount, Honoré-Mercier,  General Vanier, Pierre-de-Coubertin and Dante Elementary Schools in St. Leonard, Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in Town of Mount Royal, Dalkeith Elementary School in Anjou, and Edward Murphy Elementary School in  Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

In addition to getting into the holiday spirit, the tour is always a welcome event for the students. Many of these senior music students came to Rosemount High School from one of these elementary schools with no musical background and through the resources and facilities of the Rosemount Music Department they have, over the years, matured into fine musicians.

Preceding the tour, students at Rosemount kicked off the holiday season with a food drive, highlighted by a lunchtime dance battle. Students flocked to the gymnasium to watch talented dancers and crews from all grades performed to popular hip hop music.  Entry to the event required either one non-perishable food item or a donation of one dollar, with the proceeds going directly to both St-Brendan’s Parish, who gives food baskets to local families and CTV’s Spirit of Giving campaign. Hosted by Spiritual Community Animator Katie Leggitt, the vibrant crowd of over 200 students cheered on their peer from Grade 8 who ultimately won a makeshift “Golden High-Top” trophy and a $25 gift certificate to HMV. 

Here is the schedule:
December 14, 2010

9:30-10:30 a.m           Dunrae Gardens, 235 Dunrae, T.M.R.
11:30-12:30 a.m.        Dalkeith , 7951 Dalkeith, Anjou
1:30-2:30 p.m.            Pierre de Coubertin, 4700 Lavoisier. St. Léonard

December 15, 2010

11:00-12:00                 General Vanier, 4555 Buies. St. Léonard

December 16, 2010

9:00-10:00 a.m.           St. Brendan’s, 6550 39th Ave. Rosemount
11:00-12:00                 Edward Murphy, 6800 Pierre de Coubertin, Hoch-Maisonneuve
12:30-1:30                   Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 6855 Cartier, Rosemount

December 17, 2010

9:00-10:00                   Dante Elementary, 6090 Lachenenaie, St. Léonard
11:00-12:00                 Honore-Mercier, 8280 Nantes, St. Léonard
1:30-2:30                     Nesbitt Elementary, 6108 8th Avenue, Rosemount



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