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MONTREAL, JANUARY 6, 2011  When Saverio Servello begun his tenure as Vice Principal of St. Pius X Adult Centre in Ahuntsic, he knew a change was in order.

As the home of the award winning Culinary Institute, it would be heresy for Saverio to tamper with the cuisine. However, he took it upon his shoulder to make his school a shining example of sustainability at the English Montreal School Board.

Taking a page from the City of Côte Saint-Luc, where he  lives, Saverio immediately set the wheels in motion to institute a composting program, which he hoped would eventually develop into a completely reciprocal relationship with the environment.

What began as a pilot project in one kitchen with one class instantly grasped the attention of the entire school. With the assistance of Westmount High School’s Vice Principal Steven Erdelyi, who as a city councillor was behind the project in Côte Saint-Luc, and along with the assistance of Compost Montreal, St. Pius X finally threw their hat into the sustainability ring.

“Every student wanted to be involved with the project,” said Saverio. “It did not take them long to realize that everything was being thrown out and we could do something to avoid that. It was an amazing shift in everyone’s attitude. We went from nothing to fully fledged composting.”

Only two years into the project, both kitchens at St. Pius X are fully composting, which culminates in May of each year when Compost Montreal brings back some of the finished compost in order for students to spread it out in the school’s garden – bringing the process full circle.

“A lot less garbage is being  thrown out,” added Saverio. “The composting is just a start for St. Pius X. I hope that we can install a Green Roof as well as involve the community where they can pick up some of the compost and also benefit from our reciprocal relationship with the environment.”


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