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New strategy by the Montreal Island School Boards to develop and promote Vocational Training

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MONTREAL, January 27, 2011 – Antonio Bernardelli, chairman of both the Regional Committee on Exploration of Vocational Training for the Island of Montreal and the Table of Directors General of the Montreal Island School Boards, today unveiled the new Organizational and Pedagogical Guide for the Exploration of Vocational Training Program.
The Guide is based on the Exploration of Vocational Training course and is designed to provide secondary and vocational training sector teachers with a common tool and to support their in-class instruction. The Guide contains both pedagogical tools for teachers and student activity booklets.

The Exploration of Vocational Training course is an optional program offered to students in Secondary IV and V. It provides students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the 21 sectors in vocational training and to be introduced to the world of work and study in the vocational sector.

In addition, this optional youth sector course also encourages students to look to the future, identify their skills, aspirations, passions and develop a clearer picture of themselves as future workers.

To facilitate the opportunity for students to experiment with different vocational programs, students from the five school boards on the Island of Montreal will participate in an experiential activity from March 29 to 31, 2011. The activity is the product of close collaboration between the five island school boards, and students will be able to choose which vocational training centres and programs that correspond to their own interests.

The initiative, a first of its kind in the province, is tailored exclusively for youth sector students currently enrolled in the special derogated program aimed at preparing students for vocational training.

The Organizational and Pedagogical Guide for the Exploration of Vocational Training Program is the result of collaboration between the five Montreal Island school boards and the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS).

In attendance at today’s event, held at the École des Métiers de L'Aérospatiale de Montréal, were representatives from the five Montreal Island school boards and the Regional Office of the MELS.


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