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MONTREAL, MARCH 21, 2011 – The Rosemount High School Symphonic Winds were honoured recently with a silver medal at the Quebec MusicFest, held from   March 15 to 18 at Vanier College in St. Laurent.

Conducted by Andrew Mangal, the Symphonic Winds competed in the very challenging 400 level class, performing Arsenal by Jan Van der Roost, Funiculli Funicula Rhapsody by Yo Goto and Lincolnshire Posy-Horkstow Grange, a piece that is usually reserved for students at the university level.

The annual MusicFest festival is held across Canada and bands are judged according to a national standard. The adjudicators for this event included distinguished conductors such as Alain Cazes, Michel Fortin and Jonathan Dagenais.

In his comments to the Symphonic Winds, Cazes praised Rosemount’s “great energy,” as well as he was impressed with the power and sound of the ensemble given the number of students. He also added that the band displayed many positive musical fundamentals and that there was great potential amongst the students.

Both students and administration attribute the great success of Rosemount High School’s music program to Mr. Mangal. . For the students, many of whom had no prior music experience before entering Rosemount High School, they have worked in concert with Mr. Mangal over their tenure in high school to not only develop a passion for music, but excel to award winning levels.

Fuelled by great determination and a genuine love for the craft, Mr. Mangal has taken it upon himself to alter some aspects of the program, highlighted by the revival of the Rosemount High School stage band in order for his students to have the opportunity to experience a different genre of performance that is designed to complement the regular Symphonic Winds curriculum. 

The introduction of a more current and expanded repertoire serves to keep the student interest high while allowing them to develop as well rounded musicians. While the silver award was given to the band itself, those at Rosemount would all agree that Mangal’s presence in the music program surpasses that of a conductor, stating in unison that his sincere passion and dedication for his profession and the school’s music department has made him both a mentor and role model.



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