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MONTREAL, MARCH 23, 2011 – Lazylegs, the 26-year-old Montreal native who has been featured on America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance Canada and in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics Opening Ceremonies, was at Westmount High School recently to perform and spread his inspirational message.

Born Luca Patuelli, since birth he has suffered from scoliosis, the curvature of the spine and arthrogryposis, a condition that affects bone structure and limits joint movement. Despite his condition, he has grown into a worldwide sensation by overcoming life's challenges and living by his credo of “ No excuses, no limits”.

Lazylegs’ appearance at Westmount High School was due to the hard work of Michel & Mathieu Nadeau, twin brothers and Leadership students at Westmount High School.

Michel, who is wheelchair bound, felt that Lazylegs was the perfect individual to motivate his peers. Nadeau, who has become a break-dancer himself, is personally inspired not just by Lazylegs, but by the words of Leadership teacher Jeff Kosow that “the only disability is a bad attitude.” He used the primetime opportunity to prove how he earned the nickname “B. Boy Twizzler” by dazzling his peers with his break-dancing moves on stage as well. His brother also shares the dancing skills, going by the stage name of DJ ROLLO.

A riveting performer, as well as an outstanding motivational speaker, Lazylegs had the 850 students on their feet throughout of the show. His message also truly resonated amongst the students when he spoke about some of the operations and setbacks he has had to battle. Early on, Patuelli realized he was only disabled if he let himself think so. Fortunately, his condition only affects him from the waist down and despite the very little muscle in his legs, he can use crutches to walk and dance.


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