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MONTREAL, APRIL 11, 2011Four English Montreal School Board (EMSB) students participated in the recent  Chapeau les filles regional competition, recognizing women who have excelled in non-traditional roles in vocational training programs. They all attend Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC) :  Krista Muir, digital layout printing; Elizabeth Griffith-Walters, cabinet making; and Andrea Senchey and Jesserae Cyr, furniture finishing.

Ms. Muir, 35, of Rosemount just concluded her studies at RTC.  She actually has her own independent record label and releases original music, in addition to producing events and performing internationally. “I have always had an interest in graphic design and merchandising,” she said.

Ms. Griffith-Walters, 22, of Côte des Neiges, began her studies in cabinet making in September 2009 and got her certification on March 18, 2011.  She  previously worked in the field of accounting and still wants to focus some attention on business administration and bookkeeping in the preparation of of opening her own company one day. “Cabinet making has been a program of interest to me for many years, but previously, I thought of pursuing the courses as a hobby versus a career,” she said. “After two years of being out of school and working full-time, I realized I was much more interested in design and building. Cabinet making encompasses many qualities I was looking for and provided a solid base for related trades I could also take in the future. This program is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging; not to mention it is creative and offers a learning opportunity around every corner.”

Ms. Senchey, 29, who resides in NDG, will complete her furniture finishing course at the end of July.  “During my lifetime I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in many domains,” she says. “I have chosen this field because it allows me to be creative, work with my hands, and feeds my thirst for new knowledge and challenges.  I also have a great interest in the cabinet making course also available here at RTC.”

Ms. Cyr, 21, of Pincourt, previously obtained   DEPs in Interior Decorating and Display at West Island Career Center and another in cabinet making at Rosemount Technology Center . She will conclude furniture finishing in May. “These past six months are finally the last of my studies, but not my learning,” she remarked. “All of  these skills are perfect to become a great designer. Now I am  able to design something such as a piece furniture or a room and then  build it. This is what i want to do in life; be independent in designing my environment. After school I plan to work at a company that will involve all of these skills; maybe a company like Bombardier. Then, in my later years, I'll eventually open my own shop where I can do my own thing.”


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