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MONTREAL, JUNE 16, 2011 – When Taisei Fu, a Grade 3 student from Edinburgh Elementary School in Montreal West participated in the recent Mathematica Centrum contest, there was only one question which he found to be difficult; that also happened to be the only question he got wrong.

With a near perfect score of 24/25, Taisei’s efforts vaulted him to the top of Quebec, earning him the title of Provincial Champion. Joining Taisei atop the podium are only 12 other Grade 3 students from across Canada.  In recognition of his accomplishment, on Monday, June 20  (12:30 p.m), Taisei will be awarded a special medal during an assembly at Edinburgh  (500 Hudson). “We practiced a different category every Tuesday during lunch,” said Taisei. “My favorite category is probably Algebra. It’s fun!”

In addition to Taisei, 36 students from Grades 3 to 5 represented Edinburgh School in the Canada-wide contest.  “My parents are proud and my friends all congratulated me,” he added. “I’m quite amazed that I finished first in Quebec. When I grow up, I want to definitely do something to do with math, either a mathematician or an architect.”

“I was very excited to learn of Taisei's amazing results,” said Tanya Radhakrishna, a parent volunteer and head of the Math Club at Edinburgh School. “Taisei was clearly the strongest student is his grade 3 group. He regularly finished all the sample questions quickly and had a much broader and deeper understanding of the math topics we covered. He is a relaxed and engaging young guy and I will be challenged to make things interesting for him next year!”

“It was only our second year entering the contest, so my expectations were quite modest,” she added, “My goal was to get all 36 kids interested and motivated to try something new in a field that many of them are not so sure of. I am extremely proud of all the participants who prepared throughout the winter and early spring.  Congratulations to everyone!”



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