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MONTREAL, JULY 27, 2011 – The MAB--Mackay Rehabilitation Centre has unveiled a plan which will see it consolidate operations into one new facility while seeing  two special needs schools housed on its premises moved into an English Montreal School Board facility by as early as August 2013.

A working committee will be established to determine a critical path regarding the relocation of The Mackay Centre  and  Philip E. Layton Schools. Presently situated on Decarie Boulevard, the Mackay Centre School educates children with motor, speech or auditory impairments while the Philip E. Layton School for the visually impaired is currently based at  7000 Sherbrooke Street West.
In a letter sent to parents and staff, MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre Director General Christine Boyle and her EMSB counterpart Robert Stocker  indicated that the two  organizations are already hard at work to look at all of the options available. 

Assurances have been given to the  parents that the two organizations will work in partnership to continue to provide the children with  top quality educational and rehabilitation services. 

“The actual selection of a new home for these two schools will launch a long process which will involve feedback from all of our stakeholders,” said Mr. Stocker. “While we understand that this decision will present certain challenges to our school communities, we will make every effort to ensure that the transition is seamless for the children. The welfare of our students and MAB-Mackay’s clients remains a top priority. “

Ms. Boyle believes that the relocation is in the best interest of students and their families. “The new home of the Mackay Centre School and the Philip E. Layton School will be adapted to meet student needs, and our two organizations will be working together to ensure rehabilitation services and educational services are fully integrated at the new site,” she said. “Most importantly, through our ongoing partnership we are confident that children will continue to receive first-rate services. Rehabilitation services will continue to be provided by MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre staff and the English Montreal School Board will continue to offer educational services within the means available to both organizations. Our dedicated team will be in place and on site to ensure that each child continues to receive both educational and rehabilitation services in a newly adapted school.”

The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre and the EMSB will continue to follow the guidelines set jointly by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Leisure, as well as the best clinical practices, whereby education and rehabilitation services are housed jointly in an educational setting.

Ms. Boyle noted that the move is consistent with the 2010-2015 strategic plan of the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, which calls for the consolidation of its clinical services on one site. “This will allow us to focus on our core expertise and is key to our becoming a centre of excellence in the area of physical rehabilitation,” she said.

In moving forward with the transition, the two organizations are committed to having an open dialogue with all members of the school community. As a starting point, an information session will be held for parents this week..


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