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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 11, 2011–  For the second year in a row an English Montreal School Board (EMSB) delegation will visit China in an effort to develop further cooperation with the country’s education system.

EMSB Deputy Director General Roma Medwid, Assistant Director of Adult Education and Vocational Services (AEVS) Cosmo Della Rocca, AEVS Advisory Committee Chair and Commissioner Ellie Israel, Education and Facilities Committee Chair and Commissioner Bernard Praw, Commissioner Frank Verrillo  (Mr. Praw and Mr. Verrillo will split the trip) Director of Pedagogical Services Sandra Furfaro and Cindy Yao, a recruitment representative for the International Students  Office of the EMSB will make the trip, which will occur November 14 to December 1.
In 2010, the EMSB embarked upon a new initiative to offer vocational training to international students. That November, the AEVS Department   sent a delegation to visit China to meet with influential Chinese leaders in education, as well as local politicians who are involved in funding both in private and public vocational training centres.

“This exchange was very successful and it was evident that there are training opportunities that can be mutually beneficial for the EMSB and our Chinese partners,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “Collaborative educational projects can be explored and developed.

“While this delegation was organized primarily to recruit students to our vocational sector, our Chinese partners have added many meetings with youth sector schools. The opportunity to recruit middle school students in China to complete their high school and receive a Quebec diploma with us is a tremendous opportunity. Other forms of collaboration and exchange will be evaluated and discussed with the schools in China.”

Ms. Israel notes that the AEVS Department is in a good position to meet some of China’s urgent training needs for skilled workers in various fields. “The Chinese government is increasing its funding to vocational training programs because of their market demand,” she explains. “Our Chinese partners are very cooperative and want to work on more projects with our school board.

EMSB is building upon the success of the previous trip. In fact the expected gross revenue for 2011-2012 is $1.3 million based on 77 students that are in class presently and another 58 who are expecting to enrol after the delegation visit.

The EMSB is the largest English public school board in Quebec, with more than 34,000 students in its youth and adult sectors. It has 11 adult education and vocational training centres. The latter offer a wide variety of training opportunities, such as: Accounting, Professional Sales, Computerized Secretarial Studies - Secretarial Studies - Legal, Hotel Reception, Travel Careers, Starting a Business, Electrolysis, Hairdressing, Automobile Mechanics, Sale of Mechanical Parts and Accessories, Aesthetics, Cabinet Making, Furniture Finishing, Industrial Drafting (CAD), Production Equipment Operation, Machining Techniques, Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation, Desktop Publishing (Computer Graphics Techniques), Printing, Automated Systems Electro mechanics, Food and Beverage Services, Professional Cooking and Welding and Fitting.

This initiative is aligned with the International Education Marketing Action Plan for Provinces and Territories “Bringing Education in Canada to the World, Bringing the World to Canada” wherein one of the objectives is an increased share for Canada of the international student market.



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