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Short Story Submissions

The Bureau de la présidence du conseil de ville and Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie Finalists from the EMSB

Life of a Montrealer II
by Jeffrey Ha, Westmount High School

Five forty-two, the streetlights stream through my half-closed blinds,
A dull glow on peachy clouds, cotton in the sky.
Waking, my eyes drift around the room, a slow mind trapped behind.  
The crack, of rested joints, pierces the song of the alarm clock,
A sharp and quick beat.

Then, the plastic snap of the alarm ends that constant hum, as
inconstant birdsong fills the room.
That symphony too, was stopped,
the scream of an ambulance, low then high,
Startled cries echoing through the vacant, empty streets.

As I exit my home, I trudge on to station MacDonald, 63,
The brisk morning air and sun peeking over the rooftops.
A moment’s passed,
the bus comes, gravel crunching,
a nimbus trailing behind.

I board, entering the cabin, dry and hot, the engine hums as
the gears whir, the windows,
Grey paintings, misty, changing.
I turn from the window as the engine coughs,
A push and tug, by Hillside Lane.

The crossing welcoming a stream of school goers, even when the lights glared red,
The screech of the grey doors as they swing wide,
Followed by their crash, click as they close again.
Here I am, to begin my day, here at Westmount High.

When Winter Hits in Montreal
by Emily Morris, LaurenHill Academy

There is nothing quite like
Winter in Montreal.
I anticipate
   It's First Snow Fall.

The snow that comes
Spills easily;
Catching onto eyelashes

Come nightfall
The dying lanterns
Leave in the snow
   Their orange patterns.

And in the air
Your exhalation
Clouding from your lungs;

When Winter hits
The greying skies
Project themselves through
   Blizzard eyes.

And footprints left
To lonely streets
Disappear under the
   Fresh snow sheets.

Our Winter comes
Just after Fall.
The subtle charm of
   My Montreal.

What is Community Service?
By Dominic Auciello

Community service is something we all should do.
We need to help the old and young ones too.
Community service will benefit others.
LLet us help our sisters and our brothers.

We all know the world is unfair.
Why not do our part and show we care?
Let’s show the needy there is no need to fear
Because help will always be near.

It’s not for the money or the fame
Or for personal gain.
It’s for that reward we will feel in our heart
Knowing that we did our part.

So why not give a helping hand
And let us make this world a better land.
Let us make things right.
Let us change darkness into light.

Why not give the needy some clothes or a healthy meal?
The more we give, the happier we will feel !
Donate blankets to a homeless shelter !
Wouldn’t that make us feel better?

We must all understand
Being poor is not something planned.
Let us improve the life of every  little girl and boy.
Don’t they deserve to see some joy?

Let us brighten someone’s day
When we see they are feeling gray.
Let’s help the sick when they need help to heal.
Tell them that alone they should never feel.

Let us help all those in need
That are poor and have many mouths to feed.
Make their homes a better place
And see their smiles light up their face.

We should all come together and work on a common need.
Working together, we will all succeed.
Why not take action and change the world we live in?
Community service is where it all begins!

Why not take a hand and offer your gift of time?
Make that difference that will last a lifetime.
;Help our community fulfill its dream.
Why not come together and work as a team?

Community service will make our life worthwhile
Knowing that we helped and made somebody smile.
Making a difference in one’s life is where to start.
Why wait to do our part?