EMSB Parents Committee (EMSBPC)

As stipulated in section 189 of the Education Act, each school board must establish a parents’ committee. If a school board divides its territory into administrative regions, it may establish a EMSB Parents Committee (EA, s. 191).

The English Montreal School Board divides its territory into two administrative sectors and has a EMSB Parents Committee (EMSBPC) composed of each of the delegates from the regional administrative sectors and a member of the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (ACSES).

What does the EMSB Parents Committee do?

The functions of the EMSB Parents Committee, as outlined in Section 192 of the Education Act, are:

to promote parents participation in the activities of the school board and to designate parents who will take part in the various committees established by the school board;
to give advice on any subject conducive to the most efficient operation possible of the school board;
to inform the school board of the needs of parents as identified by the school representatives and by the representative of ACSES;
to give its opinion to the school board on any matter the latter is required to submit to it.

The EMSB Parents Committee elects four parent commissioners (one for the elementary level, one for the secondary level, one at large and one from the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services) to represent them at the Council of Commissioners. The parent commissioners have the same rights, powers and obligations as other commissioners.

The EMSBPC also elects members to participate in the board-based committees of the EMSB. They include the Education Committee, the Finance Committee, Advisory Committee on Transportation, Educational Policies Committee and Adult Education and Vocational Services Advisory Committee. EMSBPC also elects 2 representatives to the English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA).

The school board must consult the EMSB Parents Committee on matters stipulated in Section 193 of the Education Act. These include:

the division, annexation or amalgamation of the territory of the school board;
the policy on school closure;
the Three-Year Plan and Deeds of Establishment; 
the school calendar; 
the dedication of a school to a special project pursuant to section 240 of the Education Act and the criteria for the enrolment of students in that school;
the rules governing the promotion from elementary to secondary school or from the first cycle to the second cycle of the secondary level;
the objectives and principles governing the allocation of subsidies;
the learning activities established by the school board and intended for parents;
the policy on Financial Contributions from Parents or Students.

Over the course of a school year, the EMSBPC will respond to a number of consultations, such as the Enrolment Policy, the Budget Building Process, the School Calendar, the Three-Year Plan and Deeds of Establishment.

How are members elected to the EMSB Parents Committee?

In accordance with Sections 190 and 191 of the Education Act, each year, before the end of October the EMSB Parents Committee meets to elect its executive members, observers to standing committees and every two years the four Parent Commissioners to this committee. At its first meeting, the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services appoints a member to represent ACSES.

Who are the members of the EMSB Parents Committee?

The EMSBPC members for the 2017-2018 school year are:


Sonia Pecora

Chair, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Joseph Bondi

Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Franco Mazzariello

Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee
ACSES Member
Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Stephanie Keating

Serena Capplette

Raymond Ayas

Member, Advisory Committee on Transportation

Ravi Kiran Singh Chevvan

Observer, Finance Committee

Marietta Damiano

Joseph Varga

Adrienne Taylor

Caroline Phaneuf

Nadia Riley

Maria Orjuela

Alyssa Kuzmarov

Daniel Tatone

Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee
Observer, Educational Policies Committee

Jason Trudeau

Parent Commissioner, Elementary
Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Katherine Korakakis

Observer, Education Committee

Joe Di Liello

Shoshanna Ruttner

Johnny Leoci

Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Sabrina Lawrence

Sophie De Vito

Melvin Shantz

Isabelle Baas

Tony Speranza

Benny Berneti

Samantha Dudok

Observer, Adult Education & Vocational Services

Joanne Charron

Parent Commissioner, ACSES

Sherlyn Figueira

Michael Gonshor

Pietro Mercuri

Francine Cytrynbaum

Alirio Ferreira

Anthony Cristofaro

Caleigh Saucier

Observer, Adult Education & Vocational Services

Fatima Qureshi

Brunella Fata

Marie-Helene Bedard

Costa Carrara

Catherine Forbes

Observer, Educational Policies Committee

Mark Ellenbogen

Norm Gharibian

Parent Commissioner, no designation
Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Anne Monereau

Observer, Finance Committee

Amanda Liste

Milan Cardone

Mubeenah Mugal

Andrew Ross

Tanya Fabrizi

Robert Soroka

Observer, Education Committee

Antonio Crespo

Sophie Antippa

Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

Lucas Reindler

Mario Bentrovato

Parent Commissioner, Secondary
Member, EMSBPC Executive Committee

When does the EMSB Parents Committee meet?

The EMSB parents committee meets on a monthly basis. Their meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.